Cat Haven of Western New York, is a non-profit 501 [C] 3, humane organization for CATS only. Our primary mission is to alleviate the suffering of our feline companions. We are truly a NO-KILL organization, who will NOT euthanize healthy feline leukemia positive or aids positive cats or kittens . . . with us they will have a LIFETIME home (click on hyperlink to meet them) at our hospice . . . we’ll provide these healthy negative felines with temporary shelter until permanent homes can be found for them . . . We spay/neuter, test & vaccinate every adult cat who comes to us and will provide information on low cost spay/neuter programs for all kittens adopted from us. All of our felines get basic vet care – treatment for fleas, ear mites and intestinal worms when necessary. We also provide emergency vet care for very sick or injured cats.


     How do we Operate? The felines remain in our care or in foster homes until permanent placement is found. We are a NO kill organization. We do not have a  time limit for how long a feline can remain with us. We try to place them in loving homes as soon as is humanly possible.  We do have members who support our efforts, as well as folks who make donations to us (donations are tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility for your tax filing). We rely heavily on donations from supporters, and through our efforts at fund-raising and selling of various products to help support the felines in our care.

     Prospective owners are carefully screened and asked to sign adoption papers promising to provide permanent and loving homes, and in the case of young kittens to get them spayed or neutered. Before being adopted, each feline is given all necessary  vaccinations and is either spayed or neutered (with the exception of young kittens).

     We’ve had over ten years of experience in dealing with cats, and we will offer free counseling to those who need help with cats.

      There is NO profit in what we do, other than the satisfaction of helping to give a cat or kitten a chance at a happy life. Our adoption fee for a full grown adult cat is $65.00*, yet we will spend more than double that adoption fee to get each cat tested to make sure it is healthy, to be de-wormed (if needed), and to get spayed or neutered. Likewise, our adoption fee for kittens is $40.00*, but we will pay more than that, to get our kittens their first shots, testing and de-worming. At this time we cannot offer monetary aid to new adoptive parents to get kittens fixed, but we do require that adoptive owners sign a contract with us agreeing to get the kitten spayed or neutered. We also require that ANY cats adopted from us MUST remain strictly INDOOR companion pets.




* NOTE: adoption fees listed above are subject to change

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Cat Haven of W.N.Y.YOU Helped US to make a difference . . .

1008a stray found wandering the streets, pregnant, alone and hungry, with a huge mass on her side. Brought to us along with her kittens. The mass was soon diagnosed as cancer. Her life was in danger. YOUR donations, enabled her to undergo surgery for removal, she survived . . . Despite the fact that her cancer may return, someone was willing to give her a CHANCE . . . She has been adopted into a loving home.

3 Tiny Kittensthese babies were so FULL of LIFE . . . They were taken away from their mom at 2 weeks of age, by a concerned neighbor because the owner of their mom did not want “them” and was going to drown them and put an end to their young life . . . Their chances of survival without mom’s milk wasn’t good. Fortunately their survival instincts were strong, and with the dedicated help of our volunteer “kitten mom” they pulled through. Unlike some kittens they were “lucky” that someone intervened and spared their lives . . . They are all in loving homes now.

Emeriltruly a GIANT of a cat, diagnosed with feline asthma at a young age. Chances of being adopted were slim . . . But a couple fell in love with this cat full of purr-sonality plus some.

     He still has asthma, but it seems to be triggered by stressful events. For now he is happy and living with his new parents and a German Shepard that was also a rescue animal.

Luckyhit by a car in 2003 . . . This young tom was left in the middle of a busy road to die, paralyzed from the waist down with no ability to control his bowels. After intensive months of therapy, he was able to regain use of his back legs, but remains a little unsteady. Unfortunately, he tested positive for FIV (feline immunosuppressent virus). But this is NOT a death sentence, a FIV-positive cat CAN still live a normal life span. He is a very sweet, gentle cat with no meaness to his nature. His chances of being adopted were not good and he remained a life-time ward of Cat Haven. He had a tough life, but we gave this stray the LOVE and security that he never had.  After seven years of being with us, Lucky passed away in 2010.

MCis our little wondrous MIRACLE  CAT. She was found abandoned in some fields at barely 2 weeks of age with maggots covering her body and eating away at her flesh, her right ear partially eaten away from her scalp, holes in her body and a swollen right eye. We rushed her to a local emergency clinic, she was given a 50/50 chance of survival, we were advised to put her down . . . But we decided to give her that 50%  “chance,” the vets & techs worked all night removing maggots from her tiny frail body. When she was released she was assigned to a foster mom who watched over her and her sister 24/7.

      There were some touch and go moments, her sister developed a high fever and went into seizures and suffered some brain damage. MC was lucky, with her foster mom’s devoted care both her and her sister did pull thru, and were then adopted by their foster mom who couldn’t bare to separate them.

      MC is 6 months old now, she has turned into a beautiful little marbled silver-tabby. Her right ear is crooked, but her skin and fur has grown over her scar, she’s an active juvenile who delights in playing with her sister or teasing the older cats. She’s a constant reminder to all of us at CatHaven, of WHY we DO what we DO to help these felines .    .    .


If you’d like to sponsor one of our “Life Long” Residents, we do have a “Share Your Heart” sponsorship program available. Please click on our sponsorship kitten logo to read more about this program and how it works. Together we can make a difference in THEIR lives . . .

     If you’d like to meet some of CatHaven’s “Life Long Residents” please click on hyperlink to see their pictures and learn more about them.

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