Cat Haven of W.N.Y. Membership Application

  If you’d like to become a MEMBER of our organization (or would like a subscription to our Newsletter), please print out the application below and mail to us at;

5165 Broadway # 230

Depew, N.Y. 14043

(716) 683-6213

Cat Haven of W.N.Y.

   Membership fee’s are due yearly , membership cards will be mailed to you. Cat Haven of W.N.Y. members are entitled to 5% off of all items (valued at over $5 in our CAT-O-Log),  our way of saying THANK YOU!  to YOU for your loyal support of our felines and for believing in THEM and OUR efforts to help them  .    .   .

CatHaven of W.N.Y. MEMBERSHIP   APPLICATION / Newsletter Subscription

Please enroll me as a member of CatHaven of Western New York, a volunteer non-profit organization. Membership includes a newsletter subscription.

Name_____________________________________________    Phone (______) ________________________


Address___________________________________________   City/Town______________________________


State______________________________________________  Zip Code_______________________________

Check type of membership desired:

               [     ]  Individual- $10.00                 [     ]    Doner- $25.00                  [     ]  Patron- $100.00

               [     ]  Family- $15.00                      [     ]    Supporting- $50.00          [     ]   Sponsor- $500.00


Please indicate level of membership desired;

               [     ]  In-Active (non-participating) Member                 [     ]  Active (Participating) Member



NOTE:  the level that you choose will help us to know whether you wish to be an active or inactive part of our organization’s day to day activities. We realize that some people wish to be members, but do NOT (or are unable) to participate in activities. BOTH levels still retain “voting” privileges at our annual meetings. Active members will be MORE involved in the daily activities of the organization on a more intimate level and will be asked to attend some of our meetings.



Please make check or money order payable to: Cat Haven of W.N.Y., and send application and fee to 5165 Broadway # 230, Depew, N.Y. 14043

Please indicate if you’d be interested in performing any of these volunteer services;


                       [     ]   ACTIVE Volunteer                                      [     ]  Craft Show Worker  

                       [     ]    Transportation Aid                                      [     ]   Foster/Surrogate Parent (to kittens/cats)

   [     ]  I am interested in receiving the Cat Haven of W.N.Y. Newsletter $___________________donation.

   [     ]  I am presently unable to make a donation, but I am interested in receiving the newsletter.

If you wish to receive a PDF version of our newsletter & lottery tickets please contact us at:

CatHavenOfWNY[AT] and send us your e-mail address.