One of the ways we raise funds for the felines in our care is by holding periodic raffles throughout the year, and raffling off either PRIZES we’ve purchased, or that have been donated to our organization.

   If you would like to donate an item, either personal, or from a business, please do contact us, as a non-profit 501 [C] 3, organization,  all items ARE tax deductible.


             All winners will be POSTED on this web page after each drawing date.

5165 Broadway # 230

Depew, N.Y. 14043

(716) 683-6213


 CathavenOfWNY [AT]

Cat Haven of W.N.Y.Text Box: 19 Mar 2017


Go to TICKETS for this raffle:

CatHaven's Monthly Lottery

    CatHaven also sells MONTHLY lottery tickets if anyone is interested. The winning ticket number is based on New York’s 3-digit evening winner (drawn daily).  Ticket is good for the whole month. Tickets can be purchased monthly @ $3.00 ea or you can subscribe for ONE year @ $36.00.


     Winnings are paid out as follows:

· $25 for daily winner

· $50 for a Sunday winner

· $100 for winner on the 15th or 30th of ea month

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Previous; 50/50 Split Raffle Winners

March 2014– A total of $290.oo was raised. Winner wishes to remain anonymous, they received $145.oo

Sept 2013– A total of $412.oo was raised. Winner was Bob K. who received $206.oo

March 2013– A total of $318.oo was raised. Winner was Barb H. who received $159.oo

June 2012– A total of $387.oo was raised. Winner was Mrs K Who wishes to remain anonymous). She donated her winnings ($193.50) back to the cats in CatHaven’s care.

Jan 2012— A total  of $462.oo was raised. Winner was Joanne B. who received $231.00

June 2011— A total of  $631.00 was raised. Winner was Stephanie H. who received $223.00 

May 2010— A total of  $631.00 was raised. Winner was J.Adamczak who received $315.50,  

       but donated some of her winning back to Cat Haven (Thanks for your generosity!).

    Since our 50/50 cash splits are so popular we are running one for this March. OUR “March Madness” raffle. As usual chances are $1.00 each or SIX chances for $5.00. Drawing will be on SUNDAY March 19th, 2017.

     We are also giving away TWO runner up prizes, a CAT Lover’s Basket and a DOG Lover’s Basket. Please put on the back of your ticket stub which basket you are interest in should you be picked.

     You can print up raffle tickets by clicking on the “chances” hyperlink located on the left side. Or you can contact up by phone, e-mail or snail mail if you want some more chances for yourself or if you know of someone else who is interested in participating.

     Good Luck to all who enter! Someone will be

“lucky” will it be you?

50/50 Split: March Madness