We’re always looking for other “CATPEOPLE” who are dedicated to the allure, mystery and beauty of the FELINES in their lives, and who’d like to help other felines in need. If you’d like to join our MEMBERSHIP, please click here for an application .Yearly membership fees are;  $10 for individual, $15 for family, $25 for donor, $50 for supporting, $100 for patron and $500 for sponsor, you choose the type of membership you want. You can also choose the level of membership that you desire, you can be either an “in-active” or an “active” member. The level that you choose will help us to know whether you wish to be either an active or in-active part of our organization’s day to day activities. We realize that some people wish to join us, but do not (or are unable) to participate in activities. BOTH levels still retain voting privileges in annual meetings. Active members will be more intimately involved in our organization and would be required to attend some of our monthly (or bi-monthly) meeting to help brainstorm ideas for our organization. All members will automatically receive a subscription to our  Cat Haven of  W.N.Y. newsletters. If you prefer-  we can also E-MAIL you a PDF version of our NEWSLETTER and lottery tickets, just contact us via e-mail & give us your e-mail address.

We’ve got plenty of  PET related items for SALE (feline as well as canine), the profits from the sale of these items goes to support the needs of the felines in our care (see our CAT-O-LOG page of this website for samples of some of our most popular items, to see our FULL line of over 100 products, contact us and we’ll be happy to send you a hard copy of our CAT-O-LOG).

As with all non-profit shelters, DONATIONS are always appreciated  (and are tax deductible) .  .  . We can use all types of cat food, litter, toys, beds, cat furniture. We can also use cleaning supplies (Clorox clean-up, laundry soap and especially paper towels).

Cat Haven of W.N.Y.

5165 Broadway # 230

Depew, N.Y. 14043

(716) 683-6213


 CathavenOfWNY [AT] roadrunner.com

Just a reminder that IF you have CAT coupons for food, treats and especially Tidy Cat Litter   .    .    .   and  if you don’t need them, then WE  at CatHaven CAN desperately use them for our cats, so please do send them to us, thanks  .    .    .

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It’s that time of year again to start going to Public Events, we’ll be at the following  places in 2017 if you’d like to stop by and meet us in person. We’ll be selling lots of our handmade catnip toys, pet mats and other stuff that might appeal to pet lovers;


· Mar 25th (Sat)- 10am-3pm– Depew High School, 5201 Transit Rd, Depew, NY

· Apr 1st (Sat)- 9am-3pm– Sweet Home High School, 1901 Sweet Home Rd. Amherst NY

· Apr 29th & 30th (Sat/Sun)- 8am-4pm– Franklinville Maple Festival, Elementary School, Route 16, Franklinville, NY


We  go to these craft shows to actively raise the funds we need for the cats in our care. Since we are non-profit all the proceeds go to help the cats in our care. We thank all those who support us and who purchase items from us.


Check out some of our NEW items:

¨ Cat FACE Tote bags with zipper & Cat FACE Coin Purses

¨ The Mountain Tees with CAT designs (avail in Lg & XLg)

Public Events

Our very OWN copyrighted, CatHaven “Catpeople with Cat-itude” TEE SHIRTS, designed especially for us by our supporting artist! A purr-fect gift for the “cat-people” in your life who’ve got Real CAT-ITUDE. Available in either grey tee with black print, or black tee with white print. Adult sizes S, M, L, XL @ $15 each and 2X or 3X @ $17 each.

     SALE!!! Take $5.00 off any size. We only have a few of these left still in limited sizes.

 NEW!  For those folks with REAL “cat-itude we now have TOTE bags too! Choose from either black or limited edition of purple. Bags are a heavy canvas and measure 10.5” x 14” x 5”. Cost is $10.00 ea (or buy 1 @ full $ get a 2nd @ 1/2 $; $15 for 2 bags)

A very “SPECIAL” thanks to ALL of our MEMBERS, supporters and sponsors for believing in us, and helping to make the 2017 year successful, we couldn’t have done it without your SUPPORT & DONATIONS. Many cats and kittens were placed in loving homes, and will have a chance at a life that some cats will never have, or can only dream of . . . YOU are helping us to make THEIR dreams come TRUE . . . And “if” they could talk they would say, “Thank You!” too from the bottom of their furry little hearts.

  We dedicate this space to all of those who’ve lost beloved and cherished companions, rest assured that your beloved companions will never be forgotten, their presence & spirit will ALWAYS be with you.

   Their love has enriched you, and will help you to enrich the life of another companion pet who is in need of your continuing compassion & love .  .   .

    Remember that life and love are not stagnant, they are meant to thrive & move on .  .  .




    Grieve not for me . . . it was my time to go. . . I could not stay another day . . . I know I've left a void in your heart, but rest assured I've found peace. My life was FULL and very blessed. Perhaps my time seemed too brief . . . But please don't lengthen it now with undue grief. Lift up your heart and peace be with thee . . . I was called home, my soul is now free . . .


                    "dust to dust thou art and to dust returneth . . . was NEVER spoken of the soul . . ."



  For folks who need HELP with SPAY & Neuter programs in Western New York, there is “low-cost” help available called Operation PETS. Please visit their website at www.operationpets.org for info on low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, flea control & deworming for cats and dogs.

  Spaying and neutering pets is the most effective way to reduce the numbers of those who are born only to die prematurely and never have the opportunity to know a family who’ll love them and cherish their life. For every pet from a litter who IS placed into a home, somewhere else another pet’s life is being extinguished, because there was no one to give them a home and love. The simple truth, is to not allow uncontrolled breeding of our pets. You can be part of the solution instead of adding to the problem of over population——

    >3 million animals die each YEAR from pet over-population, whether in a shelter, by injury, disease or neglect

    >575 homeless pets are killed every HOUR in the U.S.A. by euthanasia because no one wants them, they’ve been so abused that they are deemed unsuitable as pets or they’re too sick to save.

    It does NOT have to be this way, if we just become responsible and caring pet owners . . . started in 2008, in Operation PET’s first year alone they did 5,000 spay & neuters.


    CatHaven sells our own MONTHLY lottery tickets @ $3 ea or $36 for one year’s subscription. Winning number is based on New York’s evening 3-digit daily drawing. See our RAFFLES page for details & payouts.

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Our “March Madness” 50/50 split raffle is now in progress the drawing will be held on Sunday March 19th, 2017. Chances are $1.00 each—OR— SIX chances for $5.00.

    Go to our RAFFLES page for details or to our CHANCES page to print up tickets from this website. Winner and amount will be posted on this website after the drawing date

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